Dominic Breen


“A deeply talented artist who is only just beginning to show the amazing wealth of material he has in his back pocket.”
Wayne Connolly (Producer - Cloud Control, Boy & Bear, Paul Dempsey, Hungry Kids of Hungary)

“★★★★ Sheesh, this is charming gear.”
– Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J Unearthed Music Director



Dominic Breen writes compulsively and plays every instrument on his recordings. Working as a gardener by day, Dom finds that words and melodies will often arrive in his head virtually fully formed, right in the middle of cutting a hedge or mowing a lawn.

As a teenager, Dom suffered a number of serious concussions and ultimately severe head trauma. Bizarrely, these injuries unlocked something within him and his writing flourished. Songs and poems began to flow out of Dom at a rapid clip. They haven’t stopped since.




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